Best Linear Switches in 2022

What are the best linear switches? Linear switches have a very different feel than most other types of premium linear switches. They don’t have any tactile feedback, but if you’re looking for something with little resistance and an almost instant response time these might be what you’re looking for.

The world of prefect linear switches is vast and there are so many factors to consider. Linear switches can be made from different materials, such as plastic or metal, and some have a rubberized coating on the top while others only use the material for the contact point.

There are also types of cheap linear switches that require more force than others in order to activate them. So how do you know which type is best for your needs.

Following Are The Best Linear Switches

I’m going to be discussing the best linear switches that I’ve found on the market. This will include a variety of different models, from smaller ones with just one button, to larger models with multiple buttons and functions. This is a list of the top 10 affordable linear switches on the market. The first switch on this list is from Cherry, and has an actuation force of 60gf.

Recommended Linear Switches

Kailh Cream Switches

Travel 4mm
Actuation Point 55g
Bottom Out  70g
Material  POM

Recommended Linear Switches


A new line of switches are coming to town. Kailh Cream Switches are designed for gamers, but they might be too good for the office as well. These switches have a shorter actuation distance and lower activation force than Cherry MX Switches.

This means that you can type faster with less effort, which is perfect for busy professionals who don’t want to take their hands off the keyboard during work hours. They also come in three colors: white cream, blue cream, and red cream.

Kailh is a new brand of switches that have been designed to be smoother and quieter than Cherry MX switches. These Kailh cream switches are perfect for those who don’t want the loud clickety-clack sound when typing or gaming.

  • You can customize these switches as they have MX stem compatibility.
  • The clicks on these switches are very smooth and light.
  • These switches are great for gaming.
  • These switches have low actuation points.

Cheap Linear Switches

Gateron Clear Switches

Type Linear
Pretravel 2 mm
Total travel 4 mm
Operating force 55 g

Cheap Linear Switches


I’ve been interested in keyboards for a while now and I finally decided to buy one. What makes this keyboard different from the others is that it’s mechanical and has Gateron Clear Switches.

This blog post will be about my experience with these switches and why people should consider buying this specific keyboard.I am here to talk about some of the best custom keyboards on the market, Gateron Clear Switches.

I will be reviewing what they are and how durable they are. Along with some pros and cons for each switch type. Hopefully this will give you a good idea on which one is right for you!

  • Many variants
  • Aesthetic build and design
  • Smooth
  • Great sound and overall feel
  • Not as durable

Best Budget Linear Switches

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Actuation Point 1.2 mm (+/-0.4 mm) 
Actuation Force  45g
Lifespan 50 million strokes
Total Travel 3.4 mm

Best Budget Linear Switches

Lately, I’ve been exploring the idea of using a mechanical keyboard for my work. But with so many choices out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for me. That’s why I’m reviewing Cherry MX Speed Silver in this post.

It has all the features that make it ideal for gaming and typing alike – low noise levels, high-speed switches, responsive keyswitches and no extra keycaps needed! If you’re looking to upgrade your keyboard but don’t know where to start then read on.

A video game enthusiast’s dream come true, the Cherry MX Speed Silver is a keyboard for those who want to be quick on their feet. Whether you are gaming or just typing up an essay, this keyboard will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

  • The switches are very smooth and are silent.
  • These switches are very durable.
  • These switches are very stable.
  • These switches are very expensive.

Affordable Linear Switches

Kailh Box Red

Total Travel 3.6mm ± 0.3mm
Actuation Point 1.8 ± 0.3mm
Actuation Force 45gf ± 10gf
Lifespan (in presses) 50,000,000

Affordable Linear Switches

What is your favorite color? Mine has always been red. Red is the perfect color for passion, love, and anger. The Kailh Box Red switches are designed to exhibit that same passionate feeling you get when it comes to your favorite colors.

It’s a switch with a deep clicky sound and an actuation force of 60gf which provides optimal feedback on every keystroke so you feel like you have more control over what you’re typing or gaming with these switches.

The Kailh Box Red is a group buy that will take place on February 1st, 2019. There are only 100 units available for purchase. The price for this group buy is $70.00 USD with free shipping to anywhere in the world! These keycaps are limited edition and have never been sold before so they’re sure to be rare collectors items in the future.

  • These switches have an IP rating of 56.
  • The switches have 45g of actuation force.
  • affordable
  • These switches can get loud.

Best Premium Linear Switches

Cherry MX Red

LED Styles SMD RGB w/ lense Single color thru-hole
Tactile Peak Force None
Actuation Force ~37 gf
Bottom-Out Force  ~54 gf

Best Premium Linear Switches

For those who want to take their gaming experience up a notch, the Cherry MX Red switch is just what you need. These switches are linear and require less force than other types of keys which makes them perfect for fast paced games like first person shooters or competitive multiplayer titles.

The key caps have an ergonomic design that reduces strain on your fingers so you can play as long as you want without fatigue setting in!Cherry MX Red switches are known for their resistance to accidental key presses.

The keys are stiffer than most other types of Cherry switches, which makes them perfect for typing without bottoming out or accidentally striking adjacent keys. They have a lower actuation force as well as a shorter travel distance and they’re quieter too! In this blog post we’ll take an in-depth look at what separates the Cherry MX Red from its siblings.

  • These switches are not very costly.
  • These switches offer a fast response.
  • affordable
  • These switches are poor quality-wise.

Greatest Linear Switches

NovelKeys Cream

Mount 5-pin PCB
Total Travel 4mm
Actuation Point 2mm
Actuation Force 55g

Greatest Linear Switches

NovelKeys Cream is a new keycap set that is designed to make your typing experience more comfortable. The keys are split in half and the bottoms are filled with silicone, which reduces friction on your fingers when you type.

This gives you longer use before needing to reapply or replace it.The keys on your keyboard are getting worn and stained from use, but you don’t want to replace it with a new one because you’re afraid of losing all the memories that come with it.

NovelKeys Cream is the solution for your problem! The cream will not only repair any wear and tear on your keyboard, but also make it look like brand new again. It’s time to give your old computer some love! Check out their website for more information!

  • These switches have a pleasant bass in their sound.
  • These switches provide an option to customize.
  • affordable
  • These switches are not pre-installed

Finest Linear Switches

Cherry MX Black

Introduced 1984
Switch Type Linear
Sense Method metal leaf
Actuation force 60 cN

Finest Linear Switches

The most popular mechanical keyboard switches in the market are Cherry MX Black, which have a linear feel to them. They can be heard and felt when they’re pressed down. In this blog post I will go over my experience with buying a new mechanical keyboard, Cherry MX Black switches, and how it compares to my previous one that had rubber dome switches.

Do you ever hear the click of a mechanical keyboard and just know that it is time to get to work? That’s how I feel about Cherry MX Black. It is my go-to for any number of tasks, from programming, to writing articles like this one. The feeling when you type on it can’t be matched by any other keyboards in the market today.

The Cherry MX Black switch is a linear, non-tactile mechanical keyboard button. The Cherry MX Black switches are the most popular of all the different types of keyboards available because they offer a smooth keypress and an audible click with every keystroke.

  • These switches are very durable.
  • These switches are from the vintage collection.
  • Cheap
  • These switches are a little scratchy and may annoy some users.

Supreme Linear Switches

Outemu Red Switches

Spring force ~61 gf
Overall travel ~4 mm
Tactile event None
Actuation ~2.1 mm

Supreme Linear Switches

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Cherry MX switches, but do you know about Outemu Red Switches? They’re a cheaper alternative to cherry mx, and they offer a great experience. I’ll be going through my thoughts on them in this blog post.

I know that I’m not the only person who has dealt with the issue of accidentally pressing keys on my keyboard. This can be frustrating when you are in the middle of typing something out, and all of a sudden your computer starts acting weird because you hit another key besides what you intended to press.

The Outemu Red switches were designed for people like me-people who love keyboards but can’t stand accidental presses. These switches require more force to push down than other types, reducing the likelihood that an accidental press will occur.

  • These are high-quality switches.
  • These switches do not make much noise.
  • These switches are available at a cheap cost.
  • These switches are not stable.

Superlative Linear Switches

Gateron Red Switches

LED Styles SMD RGB w/o lense Single color thru-hole RGB thru-hole
Tactile Peak Force None
Actuation Force ~43 gf
Bottom-Out Force ~55 gf

Superlative Linear Switches

I am writing this blog post because I want to talk about the Gateron red switches that are now available. These new switches are for gaming keyboards and can be used by gamers who like a lot of resistance when they type or game.

The red switches were designed with gamers in mind, so if you’re looking for something great to buy your gamer friend as a present, these might be it!A brand you may not have heard of before, Gateron, is a company that creates authentic Cherry MX switches with a red stem.

These are considered to be the most popular switch type for gaming due to their tactile bump and light actuation force. Read more about them here!

  • These switches are very smooth. Pressing the keys is effortless.
  • These switches are cheap in price.
  • These switches make no noise when you use them, so you can also use them in public places.
  • These switches are not stable.

Leading Linear Switches

Outemu Black Switches

LED Styles SMD RGB w/o lense Single color thru-hole RGB thru-hole
Tactile Peak Force None
Actuation Force ~65 gf
Bottom-Out Force ~84 gf

Leading Linear Switches

Outemu Black Switches are a great investment for any gaming enthusiast looking to take their game play to another level. The black switches create an amazing tactile experience, and give you that extra edge when playing your favorite games.

They also have a much higher lifespan than other switches which will save you money in the long run.How do Outemu Black Switches compare with Cherry MX? What is so special about them? Mention what makes them different from others on the market.

Cherry switches are arguably one of the most popular options available for keyboards today, but they aren’t always right for everyone’s needs or preferences! If you’re looking for a keyboard that feels more

  • These switches do not make any noise.
  • These switches are durable.
  • cheaply
  • These switches have a high actuation force.

How To Choose Best Linear Switches in 2022

1. Sound

Linear switches make silencing your laptop a Snap! Unlike other types of keys, which give off an audible click when pressed down gently and released (clicky) or create definitive noises with each press because they’re tactile in nature.

The lack of noise from this type can be due to how linearly its placement on the board is positioned next to one another – while there isn’t any distinct sound underneath them like you would hear if someone tapped out rhythms using their nails against glassware at parties past years.

Sound can be a tricky thing. It’s not just about what you hear, but how much sound there is in the first place! Sound has three main types – clicky for those who want their switch to make an audible “clack” when activated; tactile with its quiet bumpiness and linears.

2. Tactility

Tactility is an important factor to consider when typing on a keyboard. The lack of feedback can make your experience smoother and faster.

but there are some drawbacks as well like accuracy since you won’t be able feel where each letter is placed with any kind of specificity or how deep they’re pressed down in between characters.

keyboards made specifically for gaming use linear switches which bottom out at full force instead so gamers will always know if their keystrokes hit the desired target because it gives them immediate indication without having anything happen visually first (such get registered by eye).

3. Clicky switches

Clickies are the other end of switch spectrum. Clicky Switches have two parts inside them that smack against each other as you press down on it, which results in a satisfying sensation for your fingers and creates noise like someone clicking their tongue (which may be enjoyable).

A clicky switch has two parts inside of it that smack against each other as you press them down, resulting in a satisfying sensation for your fingers and the noise of a clicking sound.

Blue/green switches tend to make louder pops than reds because they’re stiffer types of plastic used when making these type’s buttons – so if there is any doubt at all about what type an input device has been branded with then just remember: clickies always produce loud noises.

4. Full-size keyboards

Despite the obvious drawbacks, full-size keyboards are a safe bet for most people because they offer more features and functionality. This type of keyboard has key layout tailored to gamers who need arrow keys or F1-F12 hotkeys above numbers on their desktop.

Full-size keyboards offer a full suite of keys, including numbers and letters. They also include arrow keypads as well as function keys for multimedia functions like volume control or screen brightness adjustment.

Full size mechanical keyboards are generally more expensive than their membrane counterparts but they do have some advantages over them too such is their large footprint on your desk top that won’t take up any additional room in your space.

5. Tenkeyless boards 

Tenkeyless boards are keyboards without the numpad. They’re perfect for anyone who uses a full-size keyboard and doesn’t want one in their workspace, especially if they already have access to another piece of hardware like an extra mouse or wireless headset!

A tenkeyless board comes complete with all the standard keys a keyboard has, but without having an extra numpad. This makes it simple for anyone to use!

Tenkeyless boards are the minimalist’s dream. They’re smaller than full size keyboards and lack a numpad, so you can just pick up one of these to get your typing fix if need be.

6. Keycaps

Keycaps come in many different flavors, from the most basic Cherry MX mount style to more exotic options like WASD keys. The keycap of choice for gamers? That would be something with weighty stems and legends that can withstand wear.

Keycaps are another big draw for people who want to try out different key switch types. One of the most popular, when it comes to this type of keyboard is ” Cherry MX” compatible; so that’s what we’ll focus on here.

There are many options within an assortment called ‘MX Mounts.” This category includes things like materials used in construction and legends markings methods such as laser engraving or dye sublimation printing ( more info ). Let’s take a look at these one by one:


what are linear switches?

A linear switch is a type of switch that can turn power on or off. Linear switches are very popular with engineers because they have a high durability and require less space. Most linear switches have two terminals, one for the input voltage and one for the output voltage. When you push down on the terminal to make an electrical connection, it completes an electric circuit by connecting both ends together so that electricity can flow from the input side to the output side through your line conductor wire.

how to lube linear switches?

This post is all about how to lube linear switches. You might be wondering what that means. Well, it is very simple, really! Linear switches are the ones that have a smooth feel to them when you push down on them and they will not make any noise when typing because there are no springs inside of them. They may require some lubrication from time to time so this article will tell you everything you need to know about how to do just that!

what are linear keyboard switches?

Linear keyboards are a type of computer keyboard that use a linear switch, which is typically a rubber dome. This design eliminates the need for physical keys and instead relies on an array of sensors to register keystrokes. Linear keyboards have been around since the early 1980s when they were used in IBM terminals. They may be more popular now with gamers who prefer their responsiveness over traditional mechanical switches found in most gaming laptops and desktops.

what keyboard has linear switches?

It’s hard to find a keyboard that doesn’t come with one of the most popular switch types: Cherry MX. However, there are some alternatives. One such alternative is the linear switch from Kailh. These switches have been known for their smoothness and lack of tactile feedback, so if you prefer a more simplified typing experience without all the noise, this may be perfect for you!


It is great to use affordable linear switches. Linear switches do not cause as much noise as tactile and clicky switches. It is a pleasure to use the switches discussed in this post. Gaming keyboards usually use linear switches. However, linear switches are rarely used for typing. The choice is entirely up to the individual.

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  1. A lot of people are surprised to learn that mechanical keyboards use two different types of switches, but it’s true. The most common type is called a linear switch and it’s the one you find in most laptops and non-mechanical keyboards.

  2. When you’re looking for a linear switch, it can be hard to know which one is the best. There are many different factors that go into deciding on what kind of linear switch to get, but there are some general guidelines that everyone should follow when buying a new linear switch.

  3. Linear switches are used for simple tasks like turning lights on and off because they do not require any complex circuitry to function. They can also be used in more complicated projects like automated carousels for amusement parks where safety is paramount.

  4. A linear switch is a type of electrical switch that can be used to make or break an electric circuit. It’s referred to as “linear” because it moves in one direction, like the controls on the side of an elevator. A linear switch contains two parts – one part attaches to each end of the circuit.

  5. Linear switches are most commonly used in circuits with digital signals because they mimic the binary nature of logic gates.  By using a linear switch instead of just a wire, you can reroute current around another component if it fails.  For example, this type of switch could be used to route sound around broken speakers on your home stereo system so that you still have sound even though there is something wrong with one speaker.

  6. The world of electronics is always changing and evolving. With the latest in technology, it can be hard to keep up. One area that has seen a lot of recent changes is the switch. Linear switches are an alternative to traditional mechanical switches found on keyboards and other devices such as touch screens.

  7. Linear switches are a type of switch that is used in many types of electrical and electronic equipment. They can be found as stand-alone components, or as part of larger assemblies such as keyboards for computers. Linear switches have moving parts which slide past each other when triggered, resulting in an action such as the pressing down of a key on keyboard.

  8. Whats the difference between a linear switch and a rotary switch? A linear switch is used to turn on or off an appliance while a rotary switch is used to select different settings. The following article will explore some of the more popular types of switches.

  9. When it comes to Linear switches, there are two types of people: those who like them and those who don’t. It’s an age old debate with no clear winner. But what is a linear switch.

  10. A linear switch is a component used in electronics that are located on the motherboard of your computer. The most common use for this type of switch is to turn it on or off, but many different types exist and can be used for different applications. Linear switches can also be called mechanical switches.

  11. Linear switches are the most common type of switch used in electronics. They work by controlling electric current with an on or off state, much like how a light switch turns power to a light on and off. Linear switches can be found almost anywhere—from your home appliances to medical equipment.

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